An Overview of the Disney VIP Tours-The Amazing Universal Studios

20 Feb

The universal studios were so designed to so serve the purpose of a studio and a theme park at the same time. The same two studios, the Orlando concept and the Hollywood concept are seen to be more or less the same. They have always been in the effort to have the attractions at these sites to be more and more attractive and appealing to the people who tour them. There has been in fact only but few changes to the attractions but only significant improvements.

The universal studios Orlando at have all been designed, six of them all around a lagoon. All these are themed areas-the Production Central, New York, San Francisco, World Expo, Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone and the whole circle is finally completed with the Hollywood the famous. In all these sections you will find different rides, attractions, product stores,                 Character appearances, shows and even food outlets. At the entrance of the park, you will find the Production Central and there you are going to find two themed attractions, all but shrek themed. An example of the shrek themes is the Shrek 4-D which will take you the guest from Shrek 1 to Shrek 2.

The other you will find there is the Donkey Photo Finish where the guests are provided with an opportunity to interact with the characters. The Universal Music Plaza stage is the other where the guests will get to enjoy live music concerts from some of the popular bands and music groups. When you are at the New York section, you will be amazed at the architectural design available there as it stands a great replica of what you will find at the great city, New York. Here you are bound to enjoy attractions such as the Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride and Twister...and then from there you will now be taken to the San Francisco as the next section in your tour of the Disneyworld at At the site San Francisco, you will have a live show performing and one very popular attraction called Disaster which is a Motion Picture Ride.

The other section that has as well been seen to be a major attraction to many is the Amity Section with its main attractions being Jaws. Here there are some key factors that have made it as well made it a sure attraction to many-the journey around Amity Island, the live stunt show and the Fear Factor Live. If you want to learn more about Disney VIP tours, visit

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